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This is the home of Skulls and Shackles campaign currently in progress @ Musgraves Manor.

Session – Sunday April 12th (Book 2 Part 3 – Event 15 -17)

The party left the docks and travled onward to Winward Isle.
There, they finally arrived to Tidewater Rock Tower that was mandated by Widow Lady Smythee and her small army.
Instead of taking the tower by force, an alliance was made by marriage.
Tony’s Character married Lady Smythee and David’s character along with Angels was given as hostages to assure no harm would come to Lady Smythee and her small army. Tidewater Rock Tower was raided twice by Sahuagin and then the crew from Thresher which came ashore by longboats loaded with Buccaneers and Captain “Isabella -Inkskin-Locke”. However the Treshed still anchored off the coast with reserved Buccaneers and first mate Knuckles Grype escaped after Isabella had been defeated.

Pathfinder At Musgraves Manor

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